Tally Ho Laminated Bridge Tallies

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Let me introduce myself…..my name is Gayle and I make the best looking and longest lasting Laminated Bridge Tally Sets anywhere!  When I moved to Grass Valley, California I found it to be a VERY active Bridge playing area which was in need of BRIDGE TALLIES!  Gayle to the rescueHigh-Heel! My Laminated Bridge Tallies are made using a DIFFERENT picture on each Bridge Tally.  They are laminated and will last for nearly infinite reuse. They are impervious to drink spills and are very attractive. Each Laminated Bridge Tally has a “tally pad” with 10 sheets, so you could HOST Bridge 10 times before wanting refills. (See the “Refill Pads” page for a picture.)  Each SET includes a Score Pad for EACH table with 20 sheets having 2 sets of WE/THEY Columns on each sheet. (See the “Score Pad” and “Large Score Pad” pages.) I offer several unique design SETS from which to choose. You can see pictures of each set on the Laminated Bridge Tallies page.  These “sets” can be customized with a “Made Especially For Name”.  (They make wonderful – Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day – gifts for your Bridge playing friends and family.) The design sets are availabCHandbagle for 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 Tables; you will be given all of those choices when you order. If you have a favorite photo (e.g.  pet, child, wedding, vacation), I can use that to make you a CUSTOMIZED Laminated Bridge Tally Set. Send me more photos – 1 for each Tally – if that is what you desire. The prices vary widely, so please use the Contact Me form to tell me how to contact you to work out pricing.)CHat-Lady Click here to view the layout of a Bridge Tally.  This shows you the outside and inside of the Laminated Bridge Tally and explains the content. Click here to view the layout of a Score Pad. This shows you the outside and inside of the score pad and explains the contents. I also offer Organza Pouches with Satin Ribbon ties which will hold your Tallies & Pads. Click here to see the sample. On each product page, you will be able to order your design choice.  If you are personalizing a Bridge Tally Set, please order only one at a time, so I can tell which set to personalize. (You won’t be charged twice for Shipping & Handling/Priority Mail – just the one time charge.)


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